“Every few years some classic recipe book is released.  The book in your hands is one of them.  Not only are Rita’s recipes delicious, they are based on a mature balance of both science knowledge and intuitive wisdom.”

Viktor Kulvinskas
Author of Survival in the 21st Century

“Through Rita’s contributions in the kitchen, she helps manifest life, which is therefore transformed into health for the partaker. I’ve often thought of diet as the true pharmacy and of Rita as a precision pharmacist. Dining in the Raw will help you tastefully enjoy a life that abounds with energy, vitality, and vigor.”


Brian Clement
Director of Hippocrates Health Institute

“I recognize food genius when I see it.  You’ll love Rita’s recipes!”

Marilyn Diamond
Co-author of Fit for Life
The American Vegetarian Cookbook

It’s one heck of a cook (and uncook-) book! If you are not completely convinced that you want to go raw, or you wish to make the transition gradually, this book offers a combination of terrific recipes for both uncooked salads, soups, and sauces, as well as cooked grains, soy products, and desserts. This book appeals to me as a someone who is leaning toward raw foods but is not yet ready to go all the way. I promise you will love the recipes! They are some of the most unique and delicious I’ve tried.

Melanie Wilson