Organic Raw Vegan Desserts

We use the finest ingredients money can buy, only the best extra virgin coconut oil, organic nuts and seeds, fresh organic fruits in season, as well as dried Medjool dates and other dried fruits for your pleasure. All the desserts are raw and/or dehydrated. We soak our nuts and then dehydrate them for a rich toasted flavor in our crusts. No refined flour products are used, only nuts,seeds, fruits. These desserts can easily be frozen for future use.

If you’d like to try my creations please sign up for a class in dessert artistry here

Enjoy really good pastry with raw cuisine twist

Apple (or fruit in season) pie

Key lime pie

Rich sweet potato pie

Poppy seed and currant strudel

Banana coconut cream pie

Lemon cashew cheese cake

Walnut carrot cake

Coconut custard pie

Cranberry fruitcake, seasonal

Tiramisu, vanilla and chocolate mousse cake

Dark chocolate tart /whip cream/fruit sauce

Mint chocolate chip pie

Almond poppy seed strawberry cake

White chocolate raspberry tart

Chocolate walnut truffles

Mincemeat pie